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Can Kize masks be worn without filters?
Kize masks are built to be used with or without filters. The masks are built with 2 layers so even without the filters, the masks are in line with the CDC recommendation of wearing face coverings. 

Can the masks be worn by kids?
We do not recommend the usage of the masks for children under the age of 12. We are currently developing a model for children which will be released soon.

Are Kize masks FDA approved?
Kize masks have not been tested or approved by the FDA. They are not a direct substitute for medical grade masks such as N95 and surgical masks.

Can I order Kize masks in bulk?
Please visit the bulk page to order bulk quantities. Discounts are provided for larger orders.

Can I customize masks for my organization?
We do offer customization services including colors, prints and logos. Please visit the custom masks page to send us your desired customization. Please note that we only offer customization options for larger orders. Additional costs may also be added depending on the requirements.

Can I sell Kize in my store?
Please contact wholesal@kize.com to inquire about wholesale opportunities.